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Debie makes reporting your commercial rent payments to major credit bureaus a simple and effortless task. Simply pay your rent as usual, and watch how your rent payments boost your business credit score - for free.

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Make Your Business Rent Payments Count

Building a good business credit score using conventional methods can be a slow, expensive, and frustrating process. Majority of the landlords don't report rent payments to credit bureaus, making each rent payment go to waste. Debie enables you to report your own rent as a tradeline item to build your business credit score.

  • Collect credit each time you pay your business rent online
  • Report each rent payment as a tradeline item on your credit report
  • Reach a good business credit score faster using rent payments
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Tenants Focused

Exclusively Built to Benefit Commercial Tenants

Rent payments take up to 10-15% of every business owner's monthly business expenses. These on-time rental payments do not benefit business owners' credit history. Since most landlords do not report rental payments to credit bureaus, we created a solution that does - effortlessly.

  • Directly report your credit history without relying on your landlord
  • Build your business credit by building a track record of on time payments
  • Gain access to exclusive offers reserved for creditworthy businesses

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Whether you’re a tech-savvy small business owner or not, Debie is designed to be quick, seamless and intuitive. Simply finish signing up, then connect your bank account and we will take care of rest!

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That's it! We will take care of reporting each rent payment to all major credit bureaus.

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Sit Back & Watch Your Business Credit Soar

Simply connect your bank account to begin reporting your rent payments directly to credit bureaus. Debie is designed to be a set it and forget it system that automatically boosts your credit rating over time.

  • All major banks are supported for rent reporting
  • Reports are sent to Equifax, Experian, LexisNexis, and Dunn & Bradstreet
  • Easily access your monthly rent reports from the dashboard

Easily Qualify For Better Market Rates & Terms

By using Debie, you gain the ability to prove your creditworthiness to lenders and landlords. Simply export or share your rental payment history as proof of being a quality tenant.

  • Each rent payment is recorded and reported
  • Unlock access to the best credit options available to your business
  • Build a rich track record of paying your rent on time and in full
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NO ADDTIONAL STEPS, or credit checks

Hassle-free Business Rent Reporting Service

‍Debie is a hassle-free service that takes care of your monthly rent reporting to your landlord. You don’t need to change anything about your current rent payment process.

  • No additional setup required - designed to be a “set it and forget it” service
  • Your landlord doesn’t need to be signed up for you to use this service
  • Your rent payments are automatically submitted to all major credit agencies

Worried about privacy, security or hurting your credit? Don’t be.

Debie uses bank grade security to protect your data. Your information is stored and transferred using 256-bit encryption. Using Debie to report your rent payments does not count as a credit check or hit.


Bank-grade Security

Your data is in safe hands. We use 256-bit encryption to store and transmit your data.


Private Access

We  only collect & record your rent transactions from the account you specify - nothing else!


Risk-free Reporting

Won’t negatively affect your credit score, since only positive rent history is reported.

Some of our reviews

Read What Others Think of Debie

“I wish I started sooner, I’ve been paying rent for almost 15 years now and never received recognition from credit bureaus for my rent payments. This is a game changer for business owners looking to build credit!”

Leon K.
Restaurant Owner
Lincoln, NE

“This is a no-brainer! Anybody who is leasing their workspace should be reporting their rent. I’m surprised that a service so useful is offered for free. It is about time that renters are seen as creditworthy by lenders!”

Ashley Z.
Independent Financial Advisor
Los Angeles, CA

“Since my rent payments are almost as high as a mortgage for my unit - it makes total sense to be signed up and reporting. I hope this helps me get approved for a line of credit to aid my business cash flow needs.”

David C.
Chicago, IL
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