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Whether you are a new business or have been around for years having access to credit can be critical to your success. Without money to invest in your growth, your business can stagnate. It becomes difficult to fulfill the most basic business goals including creating an effective marketing strategy and providing services and/or products to satisfy a growing list of customers.


In fact, without money behind you, acquiring new customers might be impossible. As a result, your credit score becomes very important to help move you forward. However, if your personal or business credit is in poor standing, access to credit becomes highly unlikely. More and more businesses are resorting to tradeline services to help improve their business credit ratings. But what are primary tradelines, are the services free and do they even help? Here is an overview to explain the free primary tradelines business and if can actually help you.

What are Primary Tradelines?


Primary tradelines are the credit accounts that appear on your credit report. These tradelines are the accounts you opened in your own name and for which you are solely responsible to repay. Primary tradelines are important to your credit score as they provide insight into your credit habits such as how much you owe, how many credit sources you have and how well you meet your payment responsibilities.

How Do Primary Tradelines Help My Credit Score?


Primary tradelines can only improve your business credit score if your credit with those lenders is in good standing. With positive primary tradelines, you begin to establish a credit history that is necessary to show you are financially responsible and can be trusted for more loans and lines of credit. They also help you create a good credit score, so you have access to further credit.


Without a high credit score, you end up paying more in interest as creditors, including mortgage lenders, charge higher interest rates to people with bad credit scores. This provides lenders with some cushioning should you default on your loans. This way they get more of their money back. In fact, with a very poor credit rating, you probably won’t qualify for major loans such as a mortgage at all.

Can Buying Primary Tradelines Repair My Credit?


In short, the answer is no, they can’t. They can increase your credit score, but damaged credit ratings caused by unpaid debts, late payments, missed payments, etc. will not be repaired. Investing in primary tradelines in these cases it is not worth your money. Instead, your only true repair method is to pay down debt or in the case where you can’t, speak to a trustee to discuss debt solutions.

Do People Actually Buy Primary Tradelines?


Yes. Buying and selling primary tradelines is an actual business. People pay to purchase tradelines, usually of the “seasoned” nature. These are preferable as they come with an established history of credit. As mentioned above, there really is no legitimate way to add primary tradelines to your business credit report other than creating new tradelines by opening new accounts. The purchased tradeline always comes off as shady as it makes no sense to credit reporters to suddenly see a new primary tradeline complete with history appear on your credit report. In short, chances are something fraudulent must happen for them to sell such as service so really these services should be avoided.

How Do I Get Free Primary Tradelines?


If you are looking for a service to provide you with free primary tradelines, there really is no legitimate service that does this. Most of these credit boosting services talk about buying tradelines to boost business credit scores because there is no such thing as a free service for primary tradelines. Businesses would not make any money by providing you with free tradelines. 

As well, this is not the best route to improving your credit score. As mentioned, the only way you can add free primary tradelines to your credit report and boost your credit is to open new credit accounts with varying lenders. Keep in mind you then have to ensure you are paying off any money spent through credit every month, so you don’t build up debt.

Are There Any Legitimate Primary Tradelines I am Not Thinking Of?


Many business owners forget one of their best options to improve their credit scores is to use their own rent payment history. Debie Ratings is the only credit boosting service that adds your commercial rent payments as a positive tradeline item in your credit report. This means your business rent reporting boosts your business credit score legitimately. You aren’t at risk of fraud and also don’t pay the large amounts associated with alternative methods of purchasing primary tradelines. While adding your business rent reporting isn’t free, you only pay a nominal fee. It’s a fair price to pay to add a legitimate seasoned primary tradeline that immediately shows you are financially responsible.

If you would like to boost your business credit score, create a Debie account today.

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